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Young women in the advertising, digital and design industry. The Creative Boost sisterhood will help young female creatives make their way in the industry, build experience, sharpen their skills, and grow, both as a professional and as a person.


Voices of Our Industry taught us a lot about equality and the road ahead. We want to empower women, both professionally and as individuals. We aim to help young creatives develop their expertise: how to judge ideas, how to pitch, and how to present. At the same time, we aim to help them grow as people and as happy creatives. Building women’s confidence while nudging this man’s world in the right direction. 


Session 1: 18 January 2024 

  • About sisterhood and how to thrive in advertising as a woman by Antoinette Ribas (FamousGrey), Isabel Van den Broeck (Creative Belgium), Liesbeth Demolder (Raygun)

Session 2: 14 February 2024

  • Working on ‘Brand Me’: your values, ambition and life as a happy creative by Senta Slingerland (Co-founder FALA)

Session 3: 8 March 2024

  • Female growth and career thinking by Emily Rammant (YIN United)

Session 4: 18 April 2024

  • Judge for yourself by Katrien Bottez (Happiness Brussels)

Session 5: 16 May 2024

  • United creativity: boosting introverted and extraverted female creatives by Kendy Smits (Helder)

Session 6: 28 June 2024

  • How to present Creative Work by Laurie Lacourt (Accenture)

Deadline registration: 11 January 2024


Data & Location

18.01.24 13:00-18:00 Session 1 Creative Belgium, Antwerp
14.02.24 9:00-13:30 Session 2 TBWA, Brussels
08.03.24 9:00-13:30 Session 3 iO, Antwerp
18.04.24 12:00-18:00 Session 4 Happiness, Vilvoorde
16.05.24 14:00-18:00 Session 5 Creative Belgium, Antwerp
28.06.24 14:00-18:00 Session 6 Accenture, Brussels



CB company members: one free seat (excl. VAT and catering) 
Members: € 699 (excl. VAT)
Non-members: € 999 (excl. VAT)



At Creative Belgium, we are dedicated to promoting creativity for all. We’re committed to shaping a diverse, inclusive, and equitable industry. Our comprehensive survey Voices of our industry asks the big questions about happiness, pay, flexible working, equal opportunities, inappropriate behavior and many more hot topics about the places where we work and charts the current state of our workplaces for the first time since 2019. The results date from 2023.