On 2 June 2023 Creative Belgium celebrated the most creative brands, striking campaigns and original ideas generated in 2022. And as of last year all the winners will get eternal fame with their own sustainable NFT.

An NFT award is a digitally and publicly available ‘proof of merit’, which will remain in existence forever. By converting our awards into NFTs we have created a digital, indestructible identity for all the winners linked to a winning campaign. 

As part of our activities NFTs provide absolute value. They create scope for the individuals behind the work and make professional performance more visible. You are recognized, acknowledged and valued. 

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About the Creative Belgium Awards

It's our mission to recognize, promote and honour the Belgian creative industry and the work that moves businesses, the work that moves minds. Experts from the Belgian world of advertising, design and digital communication get the opportunity to show their best and most original creative work in this unique competition. 

The Creative Belgium Awards are preparing for liftoff. We’re counting down to the celebration of the rocket fuel that powers our industry: big, brave and bold ideas. Join us on June 2nd, at Knokke Casino. Buckle up for this journey across our universe. 


Looking for a place to eat or sleep the day before or after the Creative Belgium Awards 2023? Or planning a fun teambuilding activity while you and your team are in Knokke? We've got you covered! We have listed the best addresses for you. A reason to stay a little longer in Knokke if you ask us! 



20.03.2023 Early bird tickets online
02.05.2023 Judging week
15.05.2023 Shortlist announcement
02.06.2023 Creative Belgium Awards 2023


Before you get started

Make sure to check out the links below. They offer interesting insights into how to participate, the categories and the entry and material requirements. If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us!