Jens Mortier - partner & creative director mortierbrigade

"These past three years we grew from a club to an open creative platform. We now have a new website, a more modern award show, inspiring Creative Sessions, a New Talent Award for the next generation (formerly the Michel Leen Award), a Director’s Lounge, a new and completely digital entry and voting system, an annual book showcasing our best work that is for sale in shops, and more. We have grown from 340 to over 500 members, and we are financial core-minded.

Over the coming years, I believe we must focus primarily on inspiring and motivating the new generation of creatives. All under the motto:
Creative Belgium wants to unite and inspire the next generation of creative talent and help the creative industry to prove its added value. Promoting creativity as a driver of economic and social good and change.”

Where does your money go? 

Creative Belgium is a non-profit organisation, led by an elected Board.
The Board's responsibilities are to challenge the overall direction, to define programmes and where the money is spent.
All of its surplus revenues are invested back into the creative industry, with a focus on projects that develop the next generation of creative talent and on creative sessions that educate and inspire the creative industry.

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As a member-organisation, the elected board is responsible for watching over the overall direction of Creative Belgium, its programmes and where the money is spent. The Board works on the future, inspires other members by thinking with us and assists the daily management by providing content.

Members of the Board are supporting Creative Belgium through strategic thinking, bringing ideas to the table, speaking at events and embracing its initiatives. Ultimately the efforts of the Board will help us to shape the future of Creative Belgium and the Belgian creative industry.

Composed of members, chosen from craft, advertising, digital and design disciplines, the Board meets 6 times a year, each of them bringing their unique expertise, concerns and opinions to the group. 

The Board is elected by the corporate members for a period of three years– and possibly by individual members that unite for one vote.

Apply to join the Board 

Creative Belgium would love to get applications for future vacancies on the Board. The only qualifications required are that the applicants should be creative practitioners in the Belgian communication industries. Please apply in the first instance to Isabel Van den Broeck, General Manager of Creative Belgium.

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Do you have a passion for the creative industries, particularly agencies & studios within the advertising and design industry? Then you must be interested in working with us! We have a vacancy for the moment.

Creative Belgium exists to promote, encourage and celebrate creative excellence for brands and businesses. Creative Belgium welcomes everyone who believes in creative excellence for brands and institutions. Our organization unites and inspires creative thinkers representing all the roles involved in the creation of communication: copywriters, art director, photographers, directors, strategists, web designers, producers, students, teachers,... Creative Belgium is a non-profit organisation, led by an elected Board and the daily management team. Any surpluses from the awards will be invested to support and nurture the next generation of creative talent.