Creative Belgium is passionate about encouraging the next generation of creative talent to showcase their creativity. In partnership with the D&AD New Blood Awards, the New Talent Award challenges students to take on one or more briefings from 18 world class brands.

You will not only build real-world skills with real-world practice while you’re still in school, but will also have a phone full of real-world contacts by participating actively in our New Talent Award program. New this year, we will offer Mentor-at-Home sessions for a selection of briefings to help you gain skills to succeed in tomorrow’s creative industry. 

In light of Creative Belgium’s mission to export Belgian talent and help it draw the international attention it deserves, Creative Belgium funds the entries of all Belgian students for participation in the international New Blood Competition. Take on a brief, show your most creative self and you might win an award or two to dangle in front of a potential recruiter!

The briefings

18 real-life briefings from 18 world class brands. A set of multi-disciplinary challenges – from advertising, digital design, UX/UI, illustration and animation to PR, AR, integrated campaigns and game design - to choose from, giving all students the opportunity to find the brief that fits their talent like a glove. Each brief is designed in collaboration with industry experts and aims to develop the creative skills most sought-after by the industry. 

to the briefings!

Practical information

Find out everything you need to know about participating in the New Talent Award 2022 below. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help!


Agencies from the Creative Belgium community have signed up to support the next generation of industry talent. They do so by sharing their wisdom and experience in Mentor-at-Home sessions.

In December, we kick off with briefing sessions for a selection of briefings (Netflix, giffgaff, Walkers, Do the Green Thing and Chivas Regal). A professional from the field will help you break down the briefing and help you set a clear path for your campaign. In addition, a case study of real work for a real client that is relevant for the briefing will be presented to inspire you. We end each session with a live Q&A.

In February, experienced creatives will make time for one-on-one review sessions to challenge and finetune your work on one of the selected briefings.

Mentor-at-Home is organized via Zoom and always takes places from 6-7pm.

You can now sign up for the following Mentor-at-Home sessions:


There’s no better way to learn how to make great work than by working with those who make great work every day. That is why we are bringing in experts from the field to guide you along the way for all other briefings. Find the mentor of your dreams and get in touch!

meet the mentors

Key Dates

10 November 2021 Launch New Talent Award 2022
29 November 2021 Mentor-at-Home: Netflix briefing (6-7pm via Zoom)
30 November 2021 Mentor-at-Home: giffgaff briefing (6-7pm via Zoom)
1 December 2021 Mentor-at-Home: Walkers briefing (6-7pm via Zoom)
2 December 2021 Mentor-at-Home: Do the Green Thing briefing (6-7pm via Zoom)
8 December 2021 Mentor-at-Home: Chivas Regal briefing (6-7pm via Zoom)
January 2022 Entry website opens at dandad.org
February 2022 Mentor-at-Home: review sessions (dates TBC)
22 March 2022 Entry deadline
May 2022 Judging New Talent Award
3 June 2022 Winner New Talent Award announced at Creative Belgium Awards in Knokke