New Talent Award Winner 2020

We are thrilled to announce this year's winners of the New Talent Award:

Team: Glenn Van Den Herrewegen, Lukas Vos
School: LUCA School of Arts Gent
Tutor: Anneke Rombaut


The following teams have made it to the shortlist:

Runner-up: Rodolphe Barth & David Magnus, IHECS
3rd place: Patrick Goncalves Teixeira, Lars Hiele, Amelie Neyrinck & Margo Van Onderbergen, Sint-Lucas Antwerpen
4th place: Sefyan Arbaoui, Basile Maurel, Emma Robert & Tiphaine Seite, ESA St-Luc Tournai

The winning case: Disabled Sexperts for Durex

"New. Talent. Award. Three exciting words when you’re working in the industry. Here’s to hoping we can find them all in the competing work!" - Jeremie Goldwasser, TBWA Belgium


The registrations for the New Talent Award 2020 will close on May 4. This is a unique opportunity for students in advertising and young graduates looking for their first job on the agency side, to stand out and who knows, perhaps to land the job of their dreams?
Roxane Schneider (concept provider, Happiness) who won the New Talent and New Blood award in 2016 alongside Jannis Min Jou, and Liesl Dejonghe (community & project manager, Creative Belgium) summarize why this creative competition is so important. And they give a few tips to maximize your entry. Interview by Media Marketing, partner of the New Talent Award.


About the New Talent Award

Creative Belgium aims to help develop the next generation of creative talent in partnership with D&AD New Blood.

The New Talent Award competition is open to students of any age and graduates not employed for a contract lenght of 6 months or more in a paid creative role on January 6 2020. 

Take these brands up on their offer and respond. It's your way of showing the creative industry that you're here and things can be done differently! Participants of the New Talent Award will also join the international New Blood Competition. One entry, two chances to get on a stage (Knokke & London) - what are you waiting for ?

Entries for the New Talent Award 2020 have now closed.

Key dates

November 2019

Launch New Talent Award 2020

January 2020

Entry website for creative work opens at

14 February 2020

Final deadline to register and confirm your participation to the New Talent Award 2020. Creative Belgium pays the New Blood entry once you've registred.

24 March 2020 - extended until 4 May 2020

Entry deadline Enter your work before 6pm.

May 2020

Judging New Talent Award

June 2020

Winner announced

4 September 2020

Creative Belgium Awards Ceremony in Knokke

The briefings

19 international brands launched 19 briefings that are waiting to be blown away by your talent. Each brief is designed in collaboration with industry experts, reflects real business challenges and aims to develop the creative skills most sought-after by the industry. 

Students in design - copywriting - art direction – photography - moving graphics - film - digital - product design - something in-between - there’s always a brief for you.

The full briefs are available for download here. Please register or log in to D&AD for access.

The Process

1. Fall in love with the perfect briefing for you.

2. Register at to download the full Brief Packs for your chosen brief. 

3. Confirm your participation to the New Talent Award 2020 by filling out this form, that gives us more information about you, your team and the briefing you have chosen. This form is crucial to get your New Blood entry paid by Creative Belgium and to get assigned a Mentor. Deadline for registration: 14 February 2020.

4. Get inspired by a New Talent Mentor who will guide you through the creative process.

5. Once your creative work is ready to submit, upload your work on!) To get your entry funded by Creative Belgium, select 'Assign payment' in the ready for payment tab  and enter next to 'Email'. The work that you upload on will find its way to us and is also your entry for the New Talent Award. Deadline for entry: 24 March at 6PM GMT+1.

School Pack

The School Pack contains all the information you need to take on the briefs for the New Talent & New Blood Awards. It contains all essential info & FAQs as well as useful information on preparing your entries: main vs. optional material, file format specs, essential info about the expected content and more.

School Pack

The Mentor Agencies

Learn from from the best and increase your potentional to win.

  • You have to opportunity to be guided by one of the New Talent Mentors, an awarded creative from the industry.
  • A New Talent Mentor will help you to rethink the briefing and rework the idea along the way, to take your work to the next level.
  • Is the mentor of your dreams not listed below? Let us know and we'll try to make it happen!

Tips & tricks from winners Kaat & Yente

Kaat Ceulemans and Yente Dingen, the New Talent Award winners 2019, share some interesting tips & tricks!

Choose carefully.
Narrow down the selection of briefs as best as you can. Pick a brief that inspires you. A brief that’s simultaneously in your comfort zone but also feels like a challenge. This way you wont get overwhelmed but you also don’t lose the innovation that only comes from a real challenge. 

Know your stuff.
Immerse yourself in whatever brief you choose. What campaigns has the brand previously done?  Who is your target audience?  What’s the final goal?...

After you completely understand the brief you have to go even deeper. The Internet is your friend here but never underestimate the power of asking your actual friends. Keep researching until the campaign is done. You never know when inspiration will strike.

Build on a great insight.
The insight is the foundation of any great campaign. Make sure you choose one that’s relevant and inspiring. This way you always have safe ground to fall back on. Because when your insight isn’t good the rest probably wont be either. 

Stay on track.
It’s easy to get carried away when you get into a creative flow. Every once in a while you should stand back, look at your concept as an outsider and make sure you’re not straying too far from the story you’re trying to tell. 

Make it easy to understand.
Make sure you leave enough time in your schedule to present your ideas properly. It would be a shame if your amazing idea fell on its face because you didn’t have a good way of showing it to the world.

When the going gets tough.
Everyone has doubts and frustrations at some point. At these low points its important to breathe and push through. Trust yourself to make it to the finish line with work you’ll be proud of. You’ve done it before or else you wouldn’t be where you are today. 

Have fun with it.
It sounds pretty cliché but you really do make your best work when you’re having a good time. So try to laugh at mistakes and don’t take anything to seriously. It’s all one big game so play to win.

New Talent Award Winner 2019

Congratulation to the New Talent Award 2019 winners!

School: PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt
Team: Kaat Ceulemans, Yente Dingenen

Discover their winning case here.


New Blood Award Winner 2019

On the 11th of July 2019, the D&AD New Blood Awards Ceremony took place in London. Ophélie Blockmans & Victor Peigneur, Belgian students of ESA St Luc Bruxelles, were awarded a Graphite D&AD Pencil for their work on the Heinz briefing and travelled to London to receive their award. Congratulations guys!!!

Did you know that New Blood winners have the opportunity to apply for the New Blood Academy, an exclusive 2-week creative bootcamp that catapults young creatives into the industry? It takes place in the D&AD headquarters in east London and is filled with workshops, lectures and live client briefings. Another reason to pick a brief and start working now!

New Blood Academy Winner's Experience 2018

New Talent Award Winner 2018

Congratulations to the 2018 New Talent Award winners!

School: Sint-Lucas Antwerpen
Team: Jordy Clous & Lenie Dankers
Tutor: Jan Baert

Drecipes - Drip out every drop for Hellmann's

30 teams of students from 5 different schools participated in the New Talent Award 2018. Shortlists:

St-Luc Doornik (3 teams): Camille Covemaeker & Camille Vandenborre - Romane Jegousse & Raphael Fostier - Fanny Roffé & Marion Schouteeten

New Talent Winner 2017

School: St. Luc Bruxelles
Team: Justine Makos, Sophie Bayet, Tracy McGee
Tutor: Bertrand Degreef

Fur For Animals - Fur Block

Shortlists 2017: 

Sint Lucas Antwerpen: Amber Fripon, Jannik Vinck

Le 75: Amélie Portela, Estelle Le Nestour, Justine Pochon, Thomas Prins

Darwin: Jannis Min Jou, Thomas De Boeck

New Talent Winner 2016

Roxane Schneider & Jannis Min Jou

Luca School of arts Ghent

Righteous Radio for  Dr. Martens

Shortlist 2016:

PXL MAD Hasselt Takeaway stories for Amnesty International 

Sint Lucas Antwerpen Victimized Emoticons for Amnesty International

BAS Thomas More The Local Ranger for WWF