About the lab

In this talk, Lennert en Janus will explore the soundtrack they are making together with Sonhouse for 'De Kraak', a starstudded new television show for VTM about a bank heist. They will guide you through the process, from the very first montage with 'temp' tracks (what are those anyway?), all the way to the postproduction stage. As first time "film scorers", they will talk about the trappings, eye-openers, and how they went to work with all of this new information and material.

About the speakers

Lennert & Janus Coorevits are two Flemish brothers. Their band Compact Disk Dummies won the prestigious Rock Rally in 2012 when they were just 15 and 17 years old. They were the first electronic act to do so. Over the years, they became a well-respected live act with tons of airplay and big name festivals to look back on. In 2017 they won a Music Industry Award (MIA) for their creative stop-motion music video for Silver. They just released their new single, Cry For Me, which is already sitting comfortably in the Ultratop Dance for eleven weeks. Branching out, Lennert also makes music for TV and advertisements, while Janus is a busy analog synth repairman. Together they are working on their new album as well as the soundtrack for a starstudded new VTM series."

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