The definition of Integrated for the purpose of the Creative Belgium Awards is a fully integrated campaign executed across multiple platforms.


A. Integrated Campaign

Integrated Campaign is a campaign (for the same product / brand / service) whose elements complement and enhance each other through the various media. It is a campaign with a process that uses different channels in interaction to transmit its message. All submissions will be judged together. Entries in this section must show that at least 3 different types of media were used in the campaign.


B. Long Term Creative Brand Platform

The category Long Term Creative Brand Platform celebrates equity building brand platforms that galvanizes all communication efforts, through a singular narrative and brand tagline. The creative brand platform synthesizes all the elements of the brand identity including vision, values, positioning, promise, tone and more. Entries in this category should proof to be long term (+ 2 years), proof to be successful (by meeting brand objectives e.g. awareness, image, behaviour and/or sales objectives e.g. volume, revenue, market share) and proof to be creative (meaning that the creative platform also played well beyond the conference room).