This category celebrates response-driven and (longterm) relationship-building creativity. Entries will need to demonstrate the pursuit and application of customer relationships, directly targeting a specific audience with a call-to-action which produced measurable and meaningful results in behavior, sales and/or immediate response.

If you choose to submit an entry in both Direct and Brand Experience & Activation, you must ensure the entry adheres to the criteria of both sections. You should also adjust your case film accordingly.


A. Physical Items

Physical pieces of advertising that target a specific audience. Includes pieces delivered via mail, messenger, handouts, postings, etc.


B. Out of Home

Campaigns which appear in or around transit or promotions placed in-store targeting a specific audience. Includes billboards, posters, shelf banners, 3D displays, etc.


C. Targeted Video

Online or offline videos created for exclusive viewing by an audience in a specific location. Includes work done for displays, events, amusement parks, etc.


D. Experiential

Brand installations, live events or virtual events around a brand, for a specific audience.


E. Digital & Online

Websites, mobile, newsletters, banners, social media as a tool for engagement with a brand's targeted demographic, also includes smart devices or platforms (smart speakers, Google Home, Alexa, Apple Siri) to communicate and interact with consumers on behalf of a brand.


F. Guerilla & street

Unconventional and/or low budget techniques outside of standard marketing strategy to engage with a brand's targeted audience. Includes wild postings, stunts, etc.


G. Integrated Campaigns

Programmes that use multiple media types in one campaign which is initiated, led or driven by direct marketing. Note, entries in this category must contain different media, and a clearly identifiable targeted/direct communication component or core idea (submit appropriate photographs, video and/or samples as support).