The definition of Radio & Audio for the purpose of Creative Belgium Awards is traditional advertising on radio stations and paid for online radio channels.


A. Radio & Audio

The Radio Jury will be primarily looking at the strength of the creative idea and its execution.


B. Branded Audio Content

The definition of Branded Radio Content for the purpose of the Creative Belgium Awards is the creation of, or natural integration into, original audio content by a brand. Entrants will show how a brand has successfully worked independently or in association with a Radio station to develop and create or co-create engaging content for their audience. This could be either by creating original content for a brand or by naturally integrating a brand into existing formats by partnering with a media partner.


C. Sonic Branding

Sonic Branding is more than just ‘a jingle’. It is the use of sound to reinforce a brand identity, audible elements should fit within the framework of brand strategy and communication. In this category we will judge how the brand sound represents the identity and values of a brand in a distinctive manner.


D. Radio & Audio Craft                                                                                       

In this subcategory the quality of craft will be rewarded in either the production process, or the technical execution of Radio ads. Entries must show that the craft of the work adds something to the idea and pushes the execution.                               

D01. Copywriting Radio & Audio                                                                              
Recognises the ability of script to creatively transform a brand idea or message into an audio context that enhances the experience of the listener and meets the confines of the brief and regional regulations. Scripts should be specific to the Radio medium (i.e. not a TV script)                                              

D02. Sound Design
Technical excellence in recording, mixing and the synthesis of samples and sound effects will be considered, along with the cohesion of the edit and its impact on the overall piece.                                       

D03. Use of Music                                                                                  
The way a track supports the script idea, creates the necessary atmosphere or otherwise delivers on the creative brief will be considered.                                                                                  

D04. Casting & Performance
Recognises the overall execution of the script through performance, where voice performance is integral to the success of the spot.

D05. Direction
Direction in a single or series of audio-based pieces.