The definition of Outdoor for the purpose of the Creative Belgium Awards is billboard and poster advertising as well as out of home ambient executions. The Outdoor Jury will be primarily looking at the strength of the creative idea and its execution.


A. Outdoor Billboards & Street Posters

Standard posters for display at outdoor public locations.

B. Indoor Posters

Standard posters made for indoor public locations, such as supermarkets, washrooms, stores, auto showrooms, hospitals, schools, banks, offices, agencies residential buildings/foyers, exhibitions, museums and galleries etc.

C. Digital Posters

All digital 'out of home' work including all digital screens, digital billboards and posters, interactive billboards and posters, etc…

D. Ambient

D01. Bar, Restaurant, Stores
Items which are displayed in bars, restaurant and stores environment.

D02. Small Scale Specials Solutions
Small items which are either on display or distributed in the out of home environment.
 Advertising may include stickers, flyers, ambient signage, key-rings, balloons, balls, stationary and other branded items, petrol pumps, miniature models and builds, small attachments to existing items or areas and promotional give-aways.

D03. Special Builds
Physical constructions, adaptations of exterior locations incl. buildings, street furniture or the environment, large scale signage, exhibitions, installations and displays.

D04. Stunts, Live Advertising
Outdoor activations which involve something live on the part of the advertiser. Advertising may include live performance, demonstrations, branded concerts, promotional events.

D05. Transit
Non-standard or free format advertising using vehicles or transit sites/locations.
 Advertising may include the non-standard or free-format advertising use of cars, trains, buses, taxis, trucks, airplanes etc. or the use of transit sites such as car parks, airports, stations (bus & train), ferry ports, roads and driving tracks.


E. Outdoor Craft

If the entry gives a pleasurable or memorable aesthetic experience, regardless of the subject, product, client or idea, then it may succeed in the Craft subcategorie, even if it is not awarded in the other subcategories. The jury will reward the quality of Craft as demonstrated in the technical execution of an outdoor entry. The idea behind the execution in relation to the client or brand should be of little or no consideration to the Craft jury, accepting, of course, that it is often integral to the ad and cannot be ignored completely. 

E01. Copywriting Outdoor
A campaign or individual Outdoor communication showcasing outstanding copywriting skills.

E02. Art Direction
A campaign showcasing an exeptional form or function driven by the usage of art direction in an Outdoor context.

E03. Illustration
A campaign or individual Outdoor communication showcasing outstanding illustration skills.

E04. Photography
A campaign or individual Outdoor communication showcasing outstanding photography skills.

E05. Typography
A campaign or individual Outdoor communication where typography brings the creative idea to life. 

E06. Printing & production
Specialized printing or production techniques applied to out-of-home work.