The definition of Press for the purpose of the Creative Belgium Awards is content intended for published printed media including newspaper, magazine and journals. Entries should need no third party application or digital interactive element to be understood. However, entries that include these elements and can still be understood without them will be accepted.


A. Use of Press

In these category, the jury will specifically looking at the strength of the creative idea and its execution.


B. Branded Press Content

The definition of Branded Press Content for the purpose of the Creative Belgium Awards is the creation of, or natural integration into, original printed content by a brand. Entrants will show how a brand has successfully worked independently or in association with a publisher to develop and create or co-create engaging content for their audience. This could be either by creating original content for a brand or by naturally integrating a brand into existing formats by partnering with a publisher.


C. Press Craft

If the entry gives a pleasurable or memorable aesthetic experience, regardless of the subject, product, client or idea, then it may succeed in this Craft subcategorie, even if it is not awarded in the other subcategories. The jury will reward the quality of Craft as demonstrated in the technical execution of a print entry. The idea behind the execution in relation to the client or brand should be of little or no consideration to the Craft jury, accepting, of course, that it is often integral to the ad and cannot be ignored completely. 

C01. Copywriting Press
A campaign or individual communication showcasing outstanding copywriting skill.

C02. Art Direction
A campaign showcasing an exeptional form or function driven by the usage of art direction in a printor publication context.

C03. Illustration
A campaign or individual print ad  showcasing outstanding illustration skills.

C04. Photography
A campaign or individual print ad showcasing outstanding photography skills.

C05. Typography
A campaign or individual print ad where typography brings the creative idea to life.