The definition of Design for the purpose of the Creative Belgium Awards is the celebration of the use of design as an aid in communication and experience to inform brand ethos and product messages. Entries will be awarded for their creativity, originality, execution and the level of consumer engagement.


A. Branding

Entries in this category should demonstrate the brand experience across a variety of the following consumer touch points; packaging, print, brand collateral, digital content, environment and/or film content. Including developed corporate identity solutions on multiple media platforms, corporate identity, corporate stationery, letterheads, business cards, company presentations, image brochures, signets etc


B. Graphic Design
All forms of non - animated, two - dimensional graphic design. 

B01. Poster Design                                                                                            

Focus will be placed on the design of the poster for the use of promotion and brand communication.                                                                                      

B02. Publications                                                                                    

Collection of media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. Including but not limited to annual reports, books, calendars, magazines, newspapers, tickets, invitations, greetings cards, press/ media kits, digital publishing, CD, DVD, record sleeves etc,                                                                                   

B03. Catalogues, Brochures & Leaflets                                                                    

Including catalogues, brochures, leaflets, ...                                                             

B04. Stationery 

Graphic design for stationery. Includes greeting cards, invitations, stamps and calendars.                                                                                                 

B05. Integrated                                                                                        

Entries in this category should be able to demonstrate the user experience and a user journey across online and offline channels. Focus will be placed on the user journey and the holistic brand experience across multiple touch points. Touch points may include (but are not limited to) the web, email, mobile and tablet devices, kiosks, retail touch points, and physical locations (such as storefronts or service centres).


C. Product & Packaging Design  

Entries in these categories must be for the packaging and merchandising used to promote, sell or display items such as food, drinks, beauty & healthcare, ... For consumer products entries, focus will be placed on its visual impact as well as the use and experience of the brands values through design. The products must be sold within the eligibility dates.


D. Spatial Design & Environmental Graphics

Including signage, spatial and sculptural installations for the purpose of brand communication and brand experience purposes. Spatial installations focus on the spatial design of the space to communicate and share the brand experience. Sculptural installations operate within a space, rather than the space itself, and the object is the medium that is being judged. This category also celebrates signage, wayfinding and information graphics, plus graphic design that enhances a space.


E. Digital Design & Mobile Graphic Design

Including websites, e-commerce, apps, microsites, blogs, banners, buttons, rich online media, social media campaigns, touch-screen kiosks, digital installations etc,... . 


F. Use of Design Craft

Entries will be judged by their use of design craft as an aid in communication and experience to inform brand ethos and product messages. Including Typography, Illustration, Logo Design, Motion Graphics & Moving Images Design. Including channel branding, program branding, graphic overlays, title sequences, projections, animations, other video content, corporate / image film, etc, ... .   Focus will be placed on how the use of craft amplifies the brand or message of the campaign, rather than purely judging the craft itself.