The definition of Brand Experience for the purpose of the Creative Belgium Awards celebrates creative brand building and brand experiences through use of immersive and immediate activations, experience design and/or retail engagement for the sales of a product, a service or a business. Entries should demonstrate how the optimization of the chosen touchpoints enriched the customer experience of the brand or promotion and led to increased brand awareness and measurable results.


A. Live Brand Experience

Any live brand experience that was held at a consumer or B-2-B event. Including installations, product demos, trade shows, expos & pop-ups.


B. Sponsorship

Sponsorships that create immediate and long-term brand experiences. Entries will be judged on how effective the sponsorship was.


C. Guerilla & Stunts

Any brand experience using guerrilla marketing, short/one-off live executions, publicity stunts and street stunts to drive customer engagement.


D. Digital Experience

Digital content that enhances a brand experience.


E. Retail Experience

In-store and retail experience as well as online or offline promotional competitions/incentives that engage and guide shoppers.


F. Integrated Campaigns

Programs that use multiple media types in one campaign which is initiated, led or driven by Promo & Activation driver. Note, entries in this category must contain different media, and a clearly identifiable targeted/promo & activation communication component or core idea (submit appropriate photographs, video and/or samples as support).