The definition of Interactive for the purpose of the Creative Belgium Awards encompasses branded online, digital, and technological communication. Successful entrants will be able to present their ideas, technology, and creativity behind the work seamlessly, and prove how their target audience engaged and enhanced brand value, resulting increased business sales and recognition.


A. Websites & Microsites                                                                                  

Including campaign website, brand & product website, e-commerce websites, portfolio websites, experimental websites, varia,... .                                                                  


B. Integrated Cross Platform Campaigns                                         

Multiple online & offline executions. One of the elements can be offline providing that it either drives or is inherently necessary to the overall execution of the campaign.       


C. Interactive Applications                                  

Applications provided to a target audience to improve their experience and engagement with a brand.                                                                                    

C01. Mobile Applications                                                                                  

Any application  on a mobile device that can be accessed via the web or downloaded from app stores and other mobile software distribution platforms. In your demo film, please show the application in use.                                 

C02. Social Networking                                                                                  

Entries will reward focused executions with social thinking at the core of the work. The jury will consider levels of engagement, social reach and the creative use of social networks and activity to successful commercial effect.                                                                                  

C03. Branded Games                                                                                       

Games specifically created for a brand online or digitally offline, including console games (games that have not been specifically made for a brand will not be accepted).                                                                                            

C04. Online Ads                                                                                      

Including banners, pop ups and pop under, skyscrapers, flash animated etc. All entries must show the ad in the context of a webpage as it was originally displayed.                                                                                           

C05. Web Applications                                                                                      

Any application that can be accessed on the web. In your demo film, please show the application in use.                                                            


D. Viral Advertising

Ads created with the primary intention of being shared and/or user-distributed online.


E. Best Practices (Interface & Technical Excellence)

In this category the entry will be judged specifically on the practice & specialism with a focus on interface & user experience and technical excellence.


F. Creative Data

Creative Data celebrates the interplay of ideas and information. Entries must clearly demonstrate how the execution/campaign was enhanced or driven by the creative use, interpretation, analysis or application of data. The creative use of data must be at the core of the idea.

F01. Data-Enhanced Creativity

Creative campaigns elevated through their use of data or data-driven methods, including, but not limited to, personalisation, interactivity and relevance. 

F02. Data Storytelling

Campaigns in which data has contributed to successful brand/consumer stories. Entrants will show how the story was developed through data in order to drive a meaningful consumer engagement or how messages derived from data were presented to provide a powerful brand narrative. 

F03. Data Visualisation

Bespoke visualisations of complex data that communicate information clearly and efficiently to consumers in a way that leads to a change in behaviour. Including online dynamic, static, interactive or real-time infographics and offline visualisations such as visual installations and activations.

F04. Use of Real-Time Data

Data created or used in real-time, which provides dynamic content or enables an on-going consumer relationship. Entries must clearly discuss the responsive relationship between real-time data and the creative output. 


G. Use of Talent & Influencers

Campaigns that utilise social media influencers or celebrities to get traction and target specific audiences.


H. Creative Use of Technology

Digital marketing that pushes the boundaries of what can be done in digital, using technology in a new and creative way. Includes mobile work, VR, AR and device led content.


I. Digital Craft

This category celebrates technological artistry. Entries need to demonstrate exceptional form and function in a digital context with great design, masterful execution and outstanding user experience created for all digital environments.

I01. Form

The overall creative aesthetic value of the work in both sound and visuals. From creative use of illustrations, video or images over music and the overall aesthetic design.

I02. Function

The practical use and/or purpose in the creative design, operation and performance, including UX design, experience design, built-in or/and existing features. 

I03. Content

Creative use of interactive digital advertising that utilise advanced technology to enhance engagement, as well as a publication specifically created for a digital product or service.

I04. Data

How data is presented or utilised to enhance brand experience.

I05. Technology

The value of the applied technology as a platform for creative digital content and how it is executed to enhance the user experience. Applications of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360°videos, intelligent technology or the inventive use of an existing technology.