The definition of Film for the purpose of the Creative Belgium Awards means traditional TV/cinema advertising or film content produced for public airing online or elsewhere. The jury will be looking for ideas which display a strong synergy with the brand, a dynamic and creative approach to the brief and exceptional execution. 


A. Film & Cinema

Including traditional format film ads which aired on television or in cinema. The maximum length of a film entry in these categories is 180 seconds.


B. Internet Film

Including, but not exclusively, traditional format advertising film which aired online and pre-roll adverts.


C. Branded TV Content & Creativity on TV

Content created for a brand, independently or in collaboration with a content platform, to amplify a brand’s message and engage with consumers. In this category we look for excellence in Brand Integration into existing content, in partnerships for branded content. All submissions must use television as a creative medium. For example by linking a brand with a channel ident, a commercial linked to a TV program, integration in a TV-format, etc or even creating a TV-format for a brand.


D. Branded Film Content

The definition of Branded Film Content for the purpose of the Creative Belgium Awards is the creation of, or natural integration into, original film content by a brand. Entrants will show how a brand has successfully worked independently or in association with a TV content producer to develop and create or co-create engaging content for their audience. This could be either by creating original content or programming for a brand or by naturally integrating a brand into existing formats by partnering with a media partner.


E. Other Screens

Including format advertising film which aired on other screens then TV, online, cinema, ...


F. User Generated Content

Customer/user submitted content, created on behalf of a brand or organization. Includes broadcast, cinema, and online.


G. Film Craft

Demonstration of exceptional filmmaking, that is work in which technical skill and production courage elevates an idea or enhances its execution. 

G01. Scriptwriting Film
Analysis of the script will include dialogue, voice-overs, scene-setting-movement, actions and expressions. The jury will look at how succesfully the script delivers on the creative idea and supports the final execution. You're required to provide a written script in Dutch and French as part of yoursubmission.

G02. Film Direction
This means the vision and achievement of the direction. The jury will think about the translation of the creative brief through a director’s vision and how well that vision has been achieved. This will include the way that production elements (including casting, set design, sound design and cinematography) have been used to bring that vision to life.

G03. Editing
This means the technical and creative success of the edit. All aspects of the film’s edit will be considered, including timing, pace, visual dynamics, dialogue dynamics, sound integration and overall story-telling.

G04. Animation
This means the use and aesthetic of animation in film advertising. All types of animation, including cel, stop-motion, graphic, silhouette and computer animation in 2D or 3D, ... will be accepted.

G05. Special Effects
The jury will consider the aesthetic and technical excellence of the effects themselves, along with the success of their integration in to real footage.

G06. Cinematography
This means the quality and effect of the cinematography. The style, artistic choices, camerawork, cinematic techniques, shot composition, lighting and other effects,... will be considered.

G07. Production Design
This means the aesthetic of the Production Design/Art Direction. This includes set design and location builds, as well as the overall look, feel and atmosphere of the piece.

G08. Sound Design
Technical excellence in recording, mixing and the synthesis of samples and sound effects will be considered, along with the cohesion of the edit and its impact on the overall piece.

G09. Use of Music
The way a track supports the script idea, creates the necessary atmosphere or otherwise delivers on the creative brief will be considered.

G10. Casting & performance
The vision and achievement of the casting. This subcategory includes the pre-production selection of actors, dancers, singers, models, non-professionals, animals and other talent. The entry form requires you to provide a description of the casting process and significant information about the cast.