Raoul started his career in advertising. For 8 years, he worked as a copywriter at Duval Guillaume. Raoul was named ‘creative of the year’ in 2009. In 2010,he joined advertising agency Boondoggle where he became creative director.

In 2013, Raoul decided to leave the world of advertising. He co-founded Gelotology, the customer experience company. Raoul believes that Belgium has a huge amount of inspiring creativity to offer, outside the advertising industry. For him this should be clearly reflected in the Creative Belgium Awards show.

"Communication is a useful tool, but the toolbox is much, much bigger. Why would we limit ourselves to the creative completion of certain media channels if we can create new products or develop new services. The technology is available and there are enough partners available that can help with scale and distribution. It’s time to think bigger and that’s what I’m going to get behind."
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