Odin Saillé, founder & Creative Director at Mutant and former Creative Director at DDB Brussels, winner of 40+ CCB Hats and several Agency of the Year titles.

He is one of our sector’s most fiery design advocates and would love to represent this “underestimated practice” on Creative Belgium’s board.

At DDB, he constantly stressed the importance of design. This is how he made sure that every piece of work leaving the agency looked as smart as it was. Resulting in numerous national and international recognition such as a Design Grand Prix at the 2016 Epica Awards.

“Good design is design that helps simplify complex matters and behavior. We often think of graphics or architecture when we hear the word design, but true design starts from a smart insight, leads to a great idea and then picks its own medium.”  

"Good design is incredibly important. It determines the order in which we process information, how we hold onto things, how we navigate and how we interpret something. It can make things simpler; make it more beautiful; it can raise money, inform and unite. It’s worth investing time to pay for and acknowledge it for its creativity and insight. If Creative Belgium can get this message across to people in and around our profession, its mission will have been successful."
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