From Cold Case to Gold Case – Case films gefileerd (NL)

This interview has been recorded in Dutch.

Due to the Corona crisis, Cannes Lions, the high mass of advertising, was postponed to October 2020. That means more time to make that much-needed case film. And coincidence or not, Peter Ampe, Chief Creative Officer at FamousGrey, wrote a book about it.
His approach? A good idea for an ad doesn't always get the interest it deserves. An important reason for this is a case film that simply does not suffice. A case film that cannot convince a jury. And a fantastic idea that dies a lonely death without recognition. Peter wants to change that and wrote down his experiences, tips and vision in the book "From Cold Case to Gold Case".

Mediahuis Advertising spoke with Peter Ampe and Isabel Van den Broeck, Managing Director at Creative Belgium.