How to get there:

We have reserved a free parking 800 m from the venue.

Parking: Pantheonlaan Koekelberg Basiliek, Brussels

Edmond: Rue Deschampheleer 24, 1081 Bruxelles

There will be Lime steps available at the parking to get to Edmond and return to your car. Make sure you  download the app.

Meet Edmond.

"I could have been a submarine factory or an old motorway lamppost graveyard, but instead I’ve donated myself to the creative community. Because I get bored quickly, and now I’m constantly entertained with music and sound design, film and animations, sometimes real, sometimes augmented or virtual, and technology I don’t even want to begin to understand. Image crafters and composers, artists and gardeners, cooks and poets all gather here to exchange, to think creative thoughts and bounce off ideas. I love to feel all these beautiful emotions being born, you don’t get the same love from old motorway lampposts or submarines. Come see me and don’t worry, it’s not a co-working space, or a creative hub, I’m too old for that."


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