IT'S OK for OAKLEY with music by Belgian composers GREGORY CARON & HANNES DE MAEYER is the love campaign of Cedric Engels, co-founder and sound director at Sonhouse. Discover here why!

Most of you are getting awards-ready by now. Entry deadline 28 february 2019. Submit your entry here.


Love campaign of Cedric Engels, co-founder & sound director at Sonhouse

It's OK - Oakley

Client: Oakley

Agency: Akqa

Creative Director: Peter lund, Nicolai Smith

Producer: Quentin Bernard

Production Company: Wanda

Director an DP: Michael Lawrence

Executive Producer: Olivier Dubocage, Romain Cavagnac

Line Producer: Thierry Betas

Post Producer: Thomas Cornet

Music Composers: Gregory Caron, Hannes de Maeyer

Singer: Krystle Warren

Editor: Nicolas larrouquere


The love campaign series 2019 was made in collaboration with Hurae.