How do you make a radio  concept come to life when presenting your idea? There are 3 main ingredients when it comes to making that outstanding radio commercial: a jingle, a message and a demo ad.

1. A strong commercial has a strong auditory identity

For a brand, a strong sound identity is at least as important as its visual identity. Did you know you can double the impact of your commercial with a relevant and recognizable sound DNA? 

The listener is smart. He knows where a radio commercial takes place when you present it with Spanish, French or Irish music. Add music from Jaws or Indiana Jones and the intended tone is immediately set. This illustrates the importance of music to radio commercials and how strongly musical memories are embedded in our brain.

A consistent sound strategy helps to recognize and convey the message.

2. A strong commercial has one message

If you throw ten tennis balls into the air, how many will you be able to catch? One? Two? Ok, maybe three? But if you stick to just one, you're almost certain you’ll succeed. Unless you're clumsy, of course.

A radio ad that tries to tell everything doesn't tell anything. It becomes stronger and more efficient if it's simple and easy to follow. 

3. A strong commercial starts with a demo ad

Making radio is a matter of trial and error. A commercial may look very nice on paper, but not work at all when you record it. And vice versa. In other words: do not judge it with your eyes, it has got to be with your ears. That's why it's always better to record a demo. The extra time & money that comes with such a demo, will be earned back during the final recordings.