TESTDRIVE THE COMMERCIAL for VOLVO by FamousGrey is the love campaign of Jan Macken, Creative Director at TBWA Belgium. Discover here why!

Most of you are getting awards-ready by now. Entry deadline 28 february 2018. Submit your entry here.

Love Campaign of Jan Macken

Client: Volvo

Agency: FamousGrey

Creative directors: Katrien Bottez, Jérémie Goldwasser, Ad Van Ongeval

Creation: Geert De Rocker, Tom Berth

Copy: Charles-Elie Chauvaux, Olivier Roland

Experience Director: Maarten Breda

Strategy: Elisabeth Roelandt, Coppelia de Crane

Brand leader: Kris Vanderhulst

Project manager: Natalie de Keyser

RTV producer: Loes Fierens

Production Director: Emily Rammant

Editing: 2Frame

Radio Production Company: Raygun

Web design and development: Jérémie Acquisto, David Viaene, Jérémy Dillenbourg, Bart Segers

Film Production Company: FamousGrey Productions