COINS OF HOPE by THESE DAYS is the love campaign of Dieter De Ridder, Creative Director at Air. Discover here why. 

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Love Campaign Dieter De Ridder

Coins of Hope

Agency: These Days 

Creative Director: Pieter Staes, Manuel Ostyn, Sam De Volder, Mateusz Mroszczak

Creation: Jolien Tuyteleers, Kate Bellefroid

Head of Design: Max Heirbaut

Design: Inge Vanhees, Lotte Neirynck

Account Manager: Jentina Van Eynde, Seppe Dogge

Project Manager: Claudio Capo

Chief Strategy Officer: Toon Diependaele

Strategic Planner: Katleen De Vlieger, Jef Raeman

Development: Olivier Berger, Stijn Janssens, Bram Verdyck, Veerle Struyf, Jill Van Reeth, Krisje Verbert

Content Marketing: Geerlinde Pevenage

RTV Producer: Annelies Deneckere, Ingeborg Van Hoof

3D Production: Creative Conspiracy

Film Production: Vice

PR: Finn