14 Feb 2017

STARDUST FOR BOWIE for STUDIO BRUSSEL is the love campaign of Arnaud Pitz, Creative Director at BBDO. Discover here why. 

Most of you are getting awards-ready by now. Entry Deadline 28 Feb 2017. Submit your entry here.

Love Campaign of Arnaud Pitz


Client: Studio Brussel, Jan Van Biesen

Agency: DDB 

Creative directors: Odin Saillé & Peter Ampe

Concept: Antoinette Ribas, Gregory Ginterdaele

Art Direction & Design: Antoinette Ribas & Sven Verfaille

Copy & Content: Greg Ginterdaele & Peter Ampe

Interaction Design: Maarten Breda

Technical Realisation: Sven Verfaille, Maarten Breda & Christophe Gesquière

Project Management: Maarten Breda

PR: Kenn Van Lijsebeth

Business director: Francis Lippens 

Client producer: Kirsten Vanderbeke

Producer: Romy Vierhouten

Strategic Planner: Maarten van Daele