“It’s handy to have a dick” for Equal Pay Day by mortierbrigade is the love campaign of Ruben Van Maldeghem and Jesse Van Gysel. Creative Directors at Mutant. Discover why by clicking the button below or check out Instagram and TikTok.

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Our love campaign series 2024 was made in collaboration with AKA De Mensen & Clear Channel.



Client: Zijkant – Equal Pay Day
Client contacts: Vera Claes, Julie Van Garsse
Agency: mortierbrigade
Partner & CEO: Jens Mortier
Partner & Executive Creative Director: Joost Berends Partner & Brand Design Director: Philippe De Ceuster
Creatives Film: Geoffrey Masse, Nils Ides Lionel Goldstein Strategy: Maaike De Wae
Head of production : Charlotte Coddens
Account Executive: Evy De Koninck
Cross Media Designer/DTP: Vito Latorrata
Production: Czar.be
Director: Lionel Goldstein
Executive Producer: Eurydice Gysel
Producer: Maarten De Sutter
DOP: Grimm Vandekerckhove
Art Direction: Tanker
Editor: Manu Van Hove
Grading: Olivier Ogneux
Post Production: Czar
Post Producer: Bieke De Keersmaecker
Online Editors : Jef Neefs en Dries Derycke
Soundmix: Senstudio
Music: The Dickhead Song by Miles Betterman - ©Tunecore