“The Goose Liver Game” for Wakker Dier by Mutant is the love campaign of Anouk, Jr. Creative at Air. Discover why by clicking the button below or check out Instagram and TikTok.

The deadline for all CBA24 entries is approaching. Send us your best work via this link.

Our love campaign series 2024 was made in collaboration with AKA De Mensen & Clear Channel.

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Agency: Mutant

Brand: Wakker Dier 

Client: Fien Lindelauff, Jannemieke Oostra, Anne Hilhorst , Bas Velthuis

Creative Director: Ruben Van Maldeghem

Creative Director: Odin Saillé

Creative: Mona Demyttenaere

Creative: Charlotte Verweij

Strategy: Anneleen Coppens

Client Director: Innie Tran

Client Manager: Julie De Preter

Client Executive: Thomas Koltsidas 

Design Director: Frank Schouwaerts

Motion Design: Bob Van den Audenaerde

Designer: Ben Boliau

Illustrator: Jasper Schreurs

Production game: Baskerville, 3D Print-It

Production video: Diplomat

Director: Erik Van Overloop

Post production: Uncanny