ChatGPT isn’t the solution for everything. People are still the most valuable capital in our industry, that's why we are launching a creative helpline for members. 'Hello Creative?' is an assistant line that could answer brief issues or help you with any problem in a specific craft area such as sound, technology, production, and much more.
How does it work? Just send your question to +32 491 768 638 and we connect you with the experts to get impartial advice on anything and everything.

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'Hello creative?' is active all year round. On top, every last Wednesday of the month one established specialised company will “open its doors” and be available for free advice. Wanna check the feasibility of a crazy idea? The budget for a production? Mark your calendar and make your ideas even better executed.


Calendar 2023

26.04.23 Nocomputer
31.05.23 Het Geluidshuis
28.06.23 Frames
27.09.23 PLAYAR
25.10.23 CrushVolstokWenneker