Bricks from a legend for Jumbo by LDV United is the love campaign of Mathias Lemielle & Thomas Cappelle, creative team at Happiness Brussels. Discover why on Instagram & TikTok!

Most of you are getting awards-ready by now. Entry deadline is 1 March 2023. Submit your entry here

The love campaign series 2023 was made in collaboration with AKA De Mensen & Clear Channel.

watch the love campaign of mathias & thomas


Client: Jumbo 
Contacts: Nathalie Callewaert, Lore Van Tongerloo, Laura Valks-Piessens 
Agency: LDV United 
CD: Dennis VandewalleDries De bruyn 
Creation: Dries De WildeWillem De Wachter
Head of Design: Roel Craen 
Graphic Design: Stijn Voeten 
Motion Design: Niki Desiron 
DTP: Sandra Wulffaert 
Strategy: Tomas Sweertvaegher, Frieke Trompet, Thomas Eyskens 
Business Director: Marieken Maes 
Account Director: Tom Thijs 
Account Executive: Yaël De Wit, Julie De Preter 
Production Manager: May-Britt Verhoeven 
PR: Team Lewis: Lise Schroë, Mailien Nguyen 
Film Production Company: DIPLOMAT 
Executive Producer: Joachim Veyfeyken 
Executive Producer: Erik Van Overloop 
Photographer: Lichtwaas 
Gaffer: Wim Temmerman 
Post-Production: Uncanny 
Set Photographer: Dieter Daniëls