Thomas Driesen, member of Creative Belgium, is Creative Director at TBWA\Belgium. Thomas started his career as a young creative in different agencies where he learnt the importance of craft and gained experience. In 2021 he was named Creative Director at TBWA\Belgium. He works for big clients such as Telenet as well as smaller clients such as Loop & Lindemans.

"Being a creative director, is not only about trying to make great work, but it’s also about getting on with the people you’re working with and helping young creatives to get better and better. That’s what I really like about the job.” - Thomas.

Besides his job as a CD, Thomas is also a photographer. It started four years ago. Thomas likes to wander around and he started taking pictures of his surroundings with his camera. He likes to capture graphics and small elements from very close up, which you can find in his photos. 

Taking photos is creative work, but in a different way. When I capture something, it is finished. In advertising you often have to look for a big idea or insight, my photos are about seeing small elements in big beauty. It's a nice change from my regular job.
Thomas Driesen

He describes his style as "snapshots of small things in which I see great beauty". Now he not only takes photos with his iPhone but also with his Fuji camera. He tries to capture his photos in such a way that you cannot see any difference in the images with which camera it was taken. Meanwhile, he is being recognised for his own style.

His work was picked up in magazines such as: Gup Magazine &  PHmuseum Mobile Photography Book, he was invited to exhibitions like: Art BaselOut of Office and besides his free work, he sometimes takes photos for small fashion brands like Goldblok which kept him motivated to continue doing. Thomas is also a member of Stadsgardeville, a Brussels-based collective that organises Brussels-inspired exhibitions. 

There are 2 expos coming up in 2023 so be sure to follow him on Instagram to stay up to date!

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