Creative Belgium member Lukas Das is a senior account manager at Happiness Brussels. Always been fascinated by fashion, Lukas founded his own brand two years ago: Head in the Clouds. Head in the Clouds celebrates one of the most beautiful, powerful but at the same time controversial states of mind. Lukas brings this philosophy to life by fun designs that seek freshness and honesty.

Previous items featured a kebab t-shirt, fuck you-bracelet and an ashtray that is not recommended to use when smoking. 

Recently he made a jacket from scratch together with his sister. They selected the fabrics, made the design, sewed everything together. The jacket is not for sale, but a crewneck based on the piece is in limited edition and they made a short movie for the launch. Discover the short movie below and preorder your crewneck before 11 September!

"I don’t consider myself a full time creative, but when I have a cool idea, I try to find ways to execute it in the best way possible. Coming from an advertising background, for me, campaigning the product in a creative way is as important as the product itself. The idea for a film to launch our jacket came to mind quickly. I selected a team of experts who I work with in my daily job. This resulted in a film where camera, editing, sound and grading fit my vision perfectly. On to the next thing!"
Lukas Das

Creative Director / Co-Director / Design: Lukas Das         
Co-Director / Camera / Editor / Grading: Simon Schuurman
Production: Arthur De Wachter
Production: Matthias Vandenbosch       
Sound: Raygun  
Product Development: Marie Das
Embroidery: Sander Thys