Feet for Brussels Mobility by mortiebrigade is the love campaign of Yana Gestels, Art Director at FamousGrey. Discover here why!

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The love campaign series 2022 was made in collaboration with AKA De Mensen.

Love campaign of Yana Gestels, Art Director at FamousGrey

Feet - Brussels Mobility

Client: Bruxelles Mobilité/Brussel Mobiliteit 
Contacts: Christine Heine, Charline Barette, Pedro Dos Santos 
CD: Jens Mortier, Joost Berends, Philippe De Ceuster 
Creation: Frédéric Zouag 
Creation: Nicolas Gaspart
Strategy: Philippe Gerin 
Producer: Tuyen Pham & Hanne Polé 
Social Media Manager: Louis Vielle 
Design: Patrick Downie 
Cross Media Designer / DTP: Cédric Van den Plas 
Film Production Company: Fledge 
Executive Producer: Roeland Jeangout & Diederik Jeangout 
Line Producer: Francis Bosschem 
DOP: Maxime Desmet 
Director: Sidney Van Wichelen 
Montage: Ward Geerts 
Soundstudio: Sonhouse 
Photographer: Daniil Lavroski 
PR & Activation: VO agency