ReStory for Canon by Happiness Brussels is the love campaign of Loup DelpierreLouise Cornet, Creative Team at BBDO. Discover here why!

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The love campaign series 2022 was made in collaboration with AKA De Mensen.

Love campaign of Loup Delpierre & Louise Cornet, creative team at BBDO

ReStory - Canon

Client: Canon 
Contact: Filip Vandenbempt 
Account Director: Mattias Vermeire 
Account Manager: Coline Hercot, Morgane Juget 
CD: Geoffrey Hantson
CD: Katrien Bottez
Creation: Thibaut Castaing 
Creation: Gil Gauniaux 
Photographer: Stéphane Opdenbosch 
Director: Simon Schuurman 
Editor: Simon Schuurman 
Head of Production: Bart Vande Maele
Producers: Dominique Turnbull, Pascal Delfosse 
Head of Design: Dries Lauwers
Design: Emilie Wauthelet 
Soundtrack: Jaan Hantson 
Music: Jaan Hantson 
Photo Editor: Antoine Melis/Tom Vandewiele 
Labo: Object Care 
Psychologist: Lotte Smets 
Special thanks: Lien de Leenheer