Jeroen Bostoen is Executive Creative Director at TBWA Brussels but also a painter. He doesn’t necessarily paint what is, but could be, creating mysterious images with a slightly alienating character. As a child he always sat in his father’s atelier where he could - and was allowed to - experiment with all kinds of materials. From stained glass, ceramics to bronze, painting turned out to be his real medium. Jeroen works with oil paint and stretches the canvases backwards because he thinks the linen colour and structure have something extra. “Being able to lose yourself in the search for that right image is a great feeling. Feeling 'the king' on one moment and 'an amateur' the next is indescribable and the reason why I do this."

Once in a while Jeroen organises an exhibition on location or at home. His work is also for sale, for more info you can contact him on Instagram.

more of Jeroen's work