Minou van de Kerckhove, art director at Havas Brussels was born in an artist's nest. From an early age she has been fascinated by art. Playing with shapes and compositions have filled Minou’s daily life, always looking for a challenge - both professionally and artisticly - in her immediate environment. She’s alienating reality by processing it and is extremely fascinated by shapes that take on other forms and erase and blur the familiar.

"My world is shaped by seeing things in a different way, and take them out of context. 'Reality' is emerging in another reality - 'my reality'".

Minou works both for Havas and her art from home. At home, she has her own atelier. A selection of her work is shown on Instagram. Minou is working on her first exhibition somewhere in September and after that, her work will be for sale. 

discover more of minou's work on instagram