Men In Progress for Jules by AIR is the love campaign of Odin Saillé, founder & managing creative director at Mutant. Discover here why!

Most of you are getting awards-ready by now. Entry deadline 1 March 2021. Submit your entry here.

Love campaign of Odin Saillé, Founder & Managing Creative Director at Mutant

Men In Progress - Jules

The love campaign series 2021 was made in collaboration with AKA De Mensen.​

Client : JULES   
Contacts : Benoit Latron, Karine Siebenhuner, Maud Grienti
Agency: AIR 
CD: AIR Creative Council 
Creation : Arnaud Bailly, Karel De Mulder, Romain Félix, John Benois,
Special thanks to: Charlotte Keup, Pauline Héraly, Bérengère Lurquin, Anastasia Bousson, Chantal Gillet, Renaud Goossens, Dominique Ruys, Jason Felstead, Thomas Landeloos
Movie production Agency: HAMLET 
Director: Julien & Quentin 
VFX and post-production:
Sound Production Company: Sonhouse 
VO FR : Krisy /
Music: Quentin Garabedian