Connecting creative sectors to create together 

Creative work is incredibly important, which is something we are, now more than ever, aware of. Fortunately, there is a lot of creative talent in our country. A group of passionate creators divided over no less than 12 sectors. Create in Belgium is committed to connecting these people closely together in order to make even more beautiful things!


What would Create in Belgium like to do as a connection platform?

  • Create an environment in which the creative sectors can meet each other
  • Stimulate a constructive dialogue between the creative industries
  • See and promote opportunities for Belgian collaborations
  • Encourage co-creation and cross-fertilisation of disciplines
  • Provide additional support for mutual solidarity and tackle common obstacles of different sectors together


Create in Belgium launches its first initiative to support the music sector

The music sector is suffering unprecedented from the corona crisis. A summer without festivals also means no income for many musicians and their entourage. We have therefore taken the initiative to encourage the communication sector, media houses and production companies to call on our own artists as much as possible. 


The 12 sectors


Letter of intent


Festivals have been cancelled.
Concerts postponed.
Time to write and create together?
Unfortunately, that is not allowed right now.
The measures against the coronavirus are vital.
But they're severely affecting the music industry.

And yet the distance brings us closer together than ever.
Solidarity goes viral massively!
That’s the reason for this initiative.
By creative people for creative people.

What if we seize this opportunity to make our local talent shine?
By using Belgian music in our work.
In our commercials.
Our TV shows.
Our fantastic films and fiction.

We are calling upon you,
our advertising agencies, media houses and production companies.
Think Belgian first in your search for musical beauty.
Think of our own fantastic musicians,
great songwriters
and genius studio wizards first.
Maybe your next jingle or soundtrack is living just around the corner?

Call them. Book them. Let them know.
And make mighty beautiful things together!
So we'll be back in plenty next year.
At those festivals and concerts.

Will you also foster this Belgian reflex?
Then sign this intention immediately by sending your logo to
And show your passion for our Belgian creativity.


This manifesto is an idea of Sharon Lavaert (Fly on the Lamp) with the support of Hendrik De Rycker (Rockoco) and Isabel Van den Broeck (Creative Belgium). The initiative is supported by Pub.

Copywriting: Ann Vanminsel

Letter of intent NL
Letter of intent FR

call for collaboration

Connecting is only possible when you have found the dots. That is why we invite other trade unions from the different sectors for an enlightening conversation. To point out the biggest obstacles, to find opportunities for growth and to create possibilities for more connection. This way we can get down to work to find tangible solutions for all Belgian creative industries. Let’s start the conversation. Contact us via our Instagram account. 


Arno & Zwangere Guy - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - YUGO Telenet (NL)