Alex Gabriels is a freelance art director. Alex is passionate about ceramics and makes the most beautiful pottery after hours. As a child, Alex learned from her mother that setting a beautiful table adds magic to the dining experience and her mother liked to create this magic with ceramics. The urge to makes something tangible after hours, to make something by hand starting from nothing, grew bigger over the years. 7 years ago Alex went back to school to learn ceramics. Two years ago, Alex and her family built a new house with workspace for Alex. That’s when things really took off.

“Ceramics is like therapy to me, it calms me down and gives me energy to go along in the rush of the advertising world. For me, it creates the perfect balance between advertising and art.”

You can make an appointment to visit Alex’s showroom and get your hands on a unique piece. Have a look at Alex’s work here and follow her on Facebook & Instagram