Dennis Blarinckx is a freelance digital creative and founder of the creative video agency Bold Media. After Hours, amongst many other things, Dennis brews beer. It all started as a school assignment at LUCA school of Arts Gent in 2015. The assignment was to create a crowdfunding campaign and the idea was to launch a social beer, ‘Kwijten Tony’, that aims to bring people together and create good vibes.

A couple years later, no longer a student, Dennis started playing with this idea again and started working after hours to turn Tony into reality. The first batch of Tony – 500 liters - was produced in 2018 and was more successful than Dennis dared to dream of. In April 2020, the second batch of 2000 liters was launched, along with new branding and a webshop.

Tony is made with local Belgian ingredients - Hops (from Poperinge), Malt (from Antwerp) and yeast (secret) – and made with love in Ghent.  It is a strong Golden blond beer with a subtle bitter aftertaste. With his 8,5% he’s strong and powerful. You can follow Tony on Instagram.

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