Bart Van Goethem is a freelance creative. After Hours, Bart has written several flash fiction stories over the past few years: stories of a 100 to maximum 1000 words. Because life is too short for long stories and as a copywriter, it is his job to tell as much as possible in as few words as possible. 

Bart’s latest flash fiction story was his entry for the One Small Step Writing Competition, organized by the Museum of Walking in the UK. The 17 winning stories, including Bart’s, were published in 2019 in the book “One small step: Flash Fiction inspired by the first Moon Walk”, an anthology of 17 flash fiction stories inspired by the first moonwalk in 1969. Read Bart's flash fiction story below and discover more of his work here.

Moon Tours

"And here we see the footprint of the mythical creature called "human being". According to the lore this was his first step on the Moon. He used advanced technology to get here, but later on managed to destroy his own planet, or so they say. Now, who's hungry for lunch?" - Bart Van Goethem

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