Lore Laporte is a freelance graphic designer. Lore is very passionate about wool and needle felting. After the birth of her daughter Jeanne in 2015, she started making woolen sculptures of animals.

“As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time behind a screen. After hours, I just really need to do something with my hands. Needle felting for hours, finding the right shape and working towards that perfect penguin or panther has a meditative effect on me somehow.” Her husband named the project Eddie Wollie and it didn’t take long before Eddie Wollie grew a fan base.

As a response to the recent covid-19 measures, Lore even made a woollen mask, a sculpture of virologist Marc Van Ranst as well as a woollen toilet roll. Follow Eddie Wollie on Instagram to discover all Lore’s creations!

Interested in learning the needle felting technique and making your own woollen friend? Good news: Lore organizes needle felting workshops! 

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