Creative Belgium is passionate about encouraging the next generation of creative talent to showcase their creativity. In partnership with the D&AD New Blood Foundation, the New Talent Award challenges students to take on one or more briefings from 18 world class brands.

You will not only build real-world skills with real-world practice while you’re still in school, but will also have a phone full of real-world contacts by participating actively in our New Talent Award program. New this year, we will offer creative classes for a selection of briefings to help you gain skills to succeed in tomorrow’s creative industry. Stay tuned for the launch of the New Talent Award 2022 on 8 November!

In light of Creative Belgium’s mission to export Belgian talent and help it draw the international attention it deserves, Creative Belgium funds the entries of all Belgian students for participation in the international New Blood Competition. Take on a brief, show your most creative self and you might win an award or two to dangle in front of a potential recruiter!


8 November 2021                Launch New Talent Award 2022

November - March              Creative Classes for a selection of briefings - Dates announced soon

January 2022                      Entry website opens at dandad.org

22 March 2022                      Entry deadline

May 2022                                  Judging New Talent Award

3 June 2022                            Winner New Talent Award announced at the Creative Belgium Awards in Knokke

14 July 2022                            D&AD New Blood Ceremony - New Blood Winners with pencil levels revealed