New Talent Winner 2017

Fur For Animals - Fur Block

The majority of people doesn't want to buy real fur, but unfortunately, most of them buy it by mistake. And this issue is even worst online because you can't even touch the clothes. Our solution: FurBlock, a plugin that tells you what's real fur when you shop online.

Congrats to the winning team of the New Talent Award 2017

School: St. Luc Bruxelles
Team: Justine Makos, Sophie Bayet, Tracy McGee
Tutor: Bertrand Degreef

Their winning campaign: Fur Block

Shortlists 2017:

  • Sint Lucas Antwerpen: Amber Fripon, Jannik Vinck
  • Le 75: Amélie Portela, Estelle Le Nestour, Justine Pochon, Thomas Prins
  • Darwin: Jannis Min Jou, Thomas De Boeck

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What's in it for me?

You get 2 chances to win, in Belgium and on international level.

1. The Belgian New Talent Winner will get rewarded by a Belgian jury of top creatives on the Creative Belgium Award stage in Knokke.

2. The international New Blood winner wins a ticket for the The New Blood Academy in London (July 2018). 

But more importantly, participating to the New Talent Award 2018 enriches you on different levels. It is a way to practise creative and conceptual thinking. You create more portfolio content.You learn on the way into industry by working on real top briefs for real brands.

Before you enter

The competition is open to students of any age, and recent graduates aged between 18 and 23 on January 2018. Team compositions are open to any structure (max 5p), but if you’re talented enough to work on your own go ahead!

Students in design - copywriting - art direction – photography - moving graphics - filmmakers - a digital specialist - product designer - something in-between - there’s always a brief for you.

Key dates

November 2017

Kick Off Briefings

Early 2018

Entry Site for creative works opens at

Last deadlines to confirm your participation to the New Talent Award 2018 is mid February. Your New Blood entry will be payed by Creative Belgium (cfr Participation confirmation New Talent Award 2018).

Mid March 2018

Entry Deadline. Enter your work by 6pm 

May 2018

Judging New Talent Award

May/June 2018

Creative Belgium Awards 2017

The Mentor Agencies

Learn from from the best and increase your potentional to win.

  • You have the chance to be guided by one of the New Talent Mentors, a rewarded creative from the industry.
  • A New Talent Mentor will help the students to rethink the briefing and rework the idea along the way, in order to achieve the best result possible.

New Talent Award winner 2016

Congrats to the winning team of the New Talent Award 2016

Shortlist New Talent Award 2016

  • PXL MAD Hasselt Takeaway stories for Amnesty International 
  • Sint Lucas Antwerpen Victimized Emoticons for Amnesty International
  • BAS Thomas More The Local Ranger for WWF

The winner of the New Talent Award 2016 has been announced during the ceremony of the Celebrate Creative Belgium Award 2016 in Knokke on 27 May 2016.

Tips & trics from the winners of 2016

Roxane Schneider and Jannis Min Jou, New Talent Winners 2016, share some interesting tips & trics...

Choose your brief wisely.
Read all briefs at least 10 times, highlight the skills you’re good at and the ones you don’t master. Compare these pros/cons with other briefs and look for that one brief you feel super comfortable with. We all have other talents, make sure that your talent is needed on your chosen brief. 

Be Brave.
It’s one of the most important factors in D&AD New Blood, if you don’t sweat, you won’t win. As for us: we worked as two Art Directors on the copy brief from Dr. Martens.

One Brief.
Try to work on one brief so you can fixate all your energy on one thing. We had to work on other projects during the day. We didn’t have a lot of time to work on the brief, this meant working weekends and a lot of late nighters.

Dig untill the end.
Keep on digging for new ideas on that one killer insight. Only when you think that there is nothing left to find, you start shaping the execution of your ideas.

Crafting is key.
Go the extra mile, try to make something that stands out from the other entrees and make sure it’s perfect.

Try to do everything yourself.
It’ll give you more satisfaction when you win. As for us, we found our voices on fiverr and wrote all the copy ourselves. We kept working on the credibility of the ads, so that the accents of the speakers were perfect for the scripts. We learned to work with new programs and only when we thought it was great we reviewed our ideas with people who gave the right feedback. 

Be stubborn when needed.
Sometimes it’s good to be stubborn, other times you need to listen. It’s something you have to decide based on your gut feeling.

Have your work checked.
by as many people as possible, especially people who are real grammar Nazis. In our case, even after 6 read-throughs by other people we still found mistakes.

Don't go for an 'OK' idea.
There are thousands of people working on the same brief, so push yourself and don’t just go for an ‘ok’ idea.

Most importantly: have fun! And beer helps if you’re stuck ;) 


Submit your entry

Your work is ready to submit? Great! As from January 2018 you can upload your entry on The New Blood system is set up so that Creative Belgium will be paying your entry. Just select 'Someone else will pay' and mention as the email address once you've uploaded your entry on

Entries are closed now for 2017

The briefings of 2017

16 briefs are available for 16 global brands including Adobe, BBC, Crowne Plaza, Desperados, Hasbro, Monotype, The National Autistic Society .... Each brief has been designed in collaboration with industry experts. Every brief reflects the real current business challenges and develops the creative skills most sought after by industry. 

The full briefs are available for download here. Please register or log in to d&ad to download.


The process

  • Fall in love with the perfect briefing for you.
  • Register at to download the full Brief Packs for your chosen brief. 
  • Confirm your participation to the New Talent Award 2018 by filling in the Participation Confirmation Form.
  • Get inspired by your New Talent Coach who will guide you through the creative process.
  • Once your creative work is final to submit, upload your work on 
  • ! Important ! To get your entry funded by Creative Belgium, please select 'Someone else will pay' and put as the email address.
  • The work that you'll upload on will be the entry for the Belgian New Talent Jury. So your submission on is enough to participate.
  • A professional jury of senior creatives will judge all Belgian entries and award 3 shortlists and 1 winner.
  • New Talent Award winner 2018 will be announced at the Creative Belgium Award show 2018 in Knokke

Confirm your participation

Once you've chosen your briefing and your team member(s), make sure you confirm your participation at the New Talent Award 2018.
It's important to confirm your participation in order to get your New Blood entry be payed by Creative Belgium and to get a Coach.
Fill in the Participation Confirmation Form that gives us more information about you, your team and the briefing you have chosen. Within the week we'll share with you the name of your New Talent Coach who's waiting for your call to guide you and help you to achieve the best result possible.

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