Mentor-at-Home is an online mentorship program designed to help students and young creatives to make real connections. Mentor-at-home aspires to be a mentoring network for our Creative Belgium community to help talent of the next generation move forward. 

An initiative from Creative Belgium, inspired by inVisible Creatives.


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Connecting with an award-winning creative brings you long-term advantages. You not only benefit from the expertise and motivation from an experienced professional, you get access to different mentors and discover who you feel chemistry with. Take this opportunity to develop meaningful relationships in the industry and sign up as a mentee.

The mentorship program is open to all creative students in the field of communication & design and young creative professionals.


Move talent forward

As a mentor, you not only get the opportunity to share your experiences and catalyze growth in our industry, you learn to bring out the best in others and gain skills to improve as a leader. You get the chance to connect with the talent of tomorrow. Start lifting yourself and others in the industry up by signing up here. The mentorship program is open to Creative Belgium members only.



In a one-hour evening session (6pm to 7pm), you get the opportunity to connect with different people. We match mentors from the industry with young potentials in one-on-one Zoom sessions. Creative Belgium matches the mentee and mentor profiles based upon the information gathered through the inscription forms to make sure everyone gets the most out of the session.

December 2023: to be announced soon