about the jury presidents

Tim Arts (1985) and Stefan van den Boogaard (1984) are two ugly Dutch guys currently working as freelance Creative Directors. Most recently, they worked at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland Oregon working on the Nike account. 

Tim and Stefan have created numerous tv commercials, radio commercials, OOH campaigns, banner ads, social content, visual centers, creative territories and print ads. But also two award-winning short films, an app, multiple music videos, a reality tv show, a documentary series, a new product and a book. They’ve worked with superstar athletes, gigantic budgets and Hollywood directors, but also tiny budgets and extremely short deadlines. 

Tim and Stefan have 15 years of experience working for brands in sports, gaming, automotive, telecommunications, liquor, healthcare, food, retail and fashion. They have won 130+ awards for creativity and effectiveness with campaigns for Nike, Levi’s Jeans, IKEA and other global brands.


Tim Arts will be jury president for the categories: Audio, Film, Outdoor and PR

Stefan van den Boogaard will be jury presidents for the categories: Digital, Direct, Media and Print



Move me, surprise me, rend my heart; make me tremble, weep, shudder; outrage me. Move me, man. 

If you are striving for creative excellence, let me suggest you tell your left brain to take a break now and then. And give your right brain permission to let all hell break loose. Because creative excellence is never a formula. It’s not mathematics. It’s jazz. 

Make me feel something. Whatever it is.



I’m looking for work that says something with substance, something that will inform and serve the consumer, and be sure you’re saying it like it’s never been said before. And I don't want to compare ads to ads. I want the work to be judged to everything that is out there. Pop culture, art, music, movies, books and dad jokes.


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