The Jury

  • Matty Bossouw - Skinn
  • Iwein Vandevyver - Lucy
  • Ben Boliau - Freelance
  • Naomi Kolsteren - Vrints-Kolsteren
  • Lauwri De Pater - LOBSTER
  • Lotte Neirynck - North Design
  • Laurens Groven - Grove Lust

about the jury president

After a decade-long career as graphic designer and later as design director, Sebastien Greffe has recently taken up the role of creative director at WeWantMore Studio, the same place where he started his career as a designer.

In the meanwhile, his path has led him through branding agencies like Duval Branding, and more recently towards Wunderman Thompson, where he broadened his experience towards communication and digital.

His dual background in both advertising- and branding agencies combined with a hands-on approach has proven to be successful for creating identities for national as well as global brands, including the recent global rebranding of Samsonite.

VISION STATEMENT: Design that moves

Moving beyond aesthetically pleasing visuals and design for cool brands, I’ll be looking for great ideas. The Design category at creative award shows is often focused on awarding the slickest, prettiest work. And craft is just one aspect of our work as designers.

As president of the design jury I hope to be able to award work that serves its purpose exceptionally well, and explores the boundaries of what the medium of design can be at the same time.

This also means design that moves beyond the print- or digital medium, and creates experiences using both in novel ways.

Next to this I hope to encounter entries that are bold, think big and have the ambition to challenge our thinking, shift the viewers’ perspective and even fundamentally change behaviour.

Sebastien Greffe

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