about the jury president

I come from Belgium where I studied in a business school and a college of art at the same time (I always loved
challenges). I worked as a copywriter at J. Walter Thompson...then decided that I could express myself much better with art direction. Traveler by nature, I agreed to lead a creative studio in French Polynesia before moving to Paris,where I stayed for more than 7 years. Passionate about new media (digital, interactive design, etc ...) Among other things, I set up the first digital division within Y&R Paris and I led as Creative Director the fashion department at Happiness Brussels. For two years I worked as a freelance in Amsterdam for agencies like Sid Lee, 180, Achtung, Amsterdam Worldwide. I was Creative Director at Publicis Paris for Garnier Worldwide.

Then Creative Director at FamousGrey Brussels. Today I’m Creative Director at Accenture Song.

Laurie will be jury president for the categories: Audio Craft, Digital Craft, Film Craft and Industry Craft. 


What should we prioritize in the Craft jury? First and foremost, the relevance of the idea, how it has resonated with people, or sparked a conversation, what emotions it has evoked and the emotional colours it has brought forth. It's a well-considered category. In order to stand out, the idea, its visualization, and its sound must become one. The crafting serves as a relay to bring the concept to life, to create a whole that speaks to us and to those who discover it. To achieve this, one must be thoughtful but also daring, curious, and unexpected. It’s all about finding the perfect combination, allowing the content and form to become one, inseparable and non-duplicable. With a curved line, a colour, a shape, or a sound, we enter a different dialogue. The infinite difference that transforms feeling into conviction. To appreciate craft and do good craft, we must love people. For the idea to make a difference, it must be different. To appreciate craft and do good craft, we must love people. For the idea to make a difference, it must be different.






  • Simon Pyson, Creative, Mutant
  • Najate El Achari, Senior Art Director, Publicis Groupe Belgium
  • Sam De Win, Executive Creative Director, iO
  • Bas Gezelle, Strategy & Client Lead, Owner, PLAYAR
  • Aagje Reynders, Front-End Developer & UI/UX Designer, nocomputer
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