About the jury president

Katrien Bottez, Executive Creative Director at Happiness Brussels will be the president for the categories: Creative Data, Corporate Purpose, Integrated, Long Term Creative Brand Platform and Business Transformation.

Born and raised in an artistic village in Belgium, Katrien's passion for creativity ignited at a young age through her exposure to the town’s rich cultural heritage and avant-garde art scene.

Her groundbreaking campaigns and innovative concepts have earned her numerous awards at national and international advertising festivals such as Creative Belgium Awards, Clio, Lia, One show and D&AD, cementing her reputation in the creative world. Katrien and her teams have also won over 50 coveted Cannes lions. Several of which were gold.

As Executive Creative Director at Happiness Brussels Katrien firmly believes in the transformative power of collaboration and diversity in the creative process. She actively strives to create environments where all voices are heard.

Katrien lives by a quote of her father ‘be bold and polite’. It helps her both in life and work.


As my former creative mentor once said,
“even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then.”
By which he meant that anyone can find a great idea by accident.
However, in the case of a successful long term creative platform
or a successful business transformation process,
it is cristal clear that such a succes is never just a nut found by a blind squirrel. 
The very best work in these categories are only accomplished
when creative excellence is built on the smartest long term strategy
and meant to solve a real business problem. 
I look forward to collaborate with my jury to look for
and celebrate campaigns that do exactly that:
proving that creativity effectively triggers business. 


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