Meet Hendrik Everaerts' jury

Kurt De Vlieghere - Skinn
Eva Goethals - Eva Graphics
Tom Hautekiet - Kiet
Sacha Krinstinsky - King of Hearts
Esther Noben - Toykyo
Tessa Persoons - Lobster
Frank Schouwaerts - BBDO Design

about the jury president

Meet Hendrik Everaerts. A dedicated designer pur sang from day one. Apart from growing his own beard, he helped grow the business for a wide range of agencies, magazines and digital projects. At the end of the nineties he and his brother founded Design is Dead, a digital agency specialized in (motion) graphics, that grew faster than a speeding bullet. Today, Hendrik is Founder and Creative Director of TBWA\Designer in Brussels, coaching and inspiring a bunch of talented designers. Hendrik truly believes graphic design is a language spoken by far more people than any other language. His goal? To increase the graphical footprint in the advertising world.

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