about the jury president

Eric Leurquin started his career in both digital and full service agencies. He was the Design Director at BBDO Belgium for 9 years — where he was responsible for managing the design team and leading rebranding assignments like Port of Antwerp, D’Ieteren, Fluvius and Lotus Cars. Since July 2022, Eric made a clear commitment to design and branding as Creative Director at WeWantMore Studio — an independent design studio specialized in branding and interior design, crafting identities, products and spaces that create desire and drive responsible progress.


Eric will be jury president for the category: Design.



I hope to see more of the true power of design. Beyond selling more stuff and making corporations more money, I want to see work that has some magic into it. Work that has the ability to enchant and engage audiences. Thoughtful design that can transcend the functional and the transactional, imbuing products, services, and spaces with emotional resonance. Good design is creating desire. Good design is also acknowledging our responsibility: adding yet more stuff to the visual stimuli in our streets, homes and screens. 

So it’s about being thoughtful and trying to make everyday things feel special and leave a lasting impression on people. When executed with intention and artistry, design has the capacity to elevate ordinary moments and ordinary products into extraordinary ones.


  • Lorenz Bungeneers, Graphic Designer, Base Design
  • Marieke Bremer, Creative Director, SKINN BRANDING AGENCY
  • Martijn Mertens, Graphic Designer, About Contact
  • Bénédicte Staels, Creative Director, Indiandribble
  • Kenny Smet, Brand Designer, WeWantMore
  • Inge Vanhees, Senior Designer, Mr. Henry
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