Tackle climate change

Aurélie Russanowska, Head of Brand Strategy, and Antoinette Ribas, Creative Director, at BBDO Belgium will get students started on using their creativity to tackle climate change for Do The Green Thing.

The Do The Green Thing briefing session takes places on 2 December from 6-7pm on Zoom. This session is open to all students. You don't have to participate in the New Talent Award to join us and learn!


About Aurélie

After obtaining a Master's degree in Business Management at ICHEC (Brussels) in 2006, Aurélie started on the advertiser's side. She worked in Marketing and Communications for brands active in the Fashion Industry (Noukies) and in the Cosmetics Industry (LVMH). In 2014, her passion for consumer insights, societal trends and brand strategy made her move to the 'other side'. She started as Strategic Planner at TBWA\Belgium working for clients such as McDonald's and Alpro. In 2020, she joined BBDO as Head of Brand Strategy. She currently develops Marketing and Communication strategies for Jupiler, the National Lottery and Jacob Douwe Egberts. Aurélie shares a passion for creativity every 2 weeks on the radio station La Première. Bringing brands closer to the real world and people's real needs is was she does best.

About Antoinette

Creative Director at BBDO alongside Gregory Ginterdaele & Jan Dejonghe. Antoinette is also a member of the board of Creative Belgium with the ambition to bring more diversity, retain talent and coach students.

Since she started in 2000, Antoinette has won more than a hundred national and international awards. She worked on Toyota, la lotterie nationale, Brussels Airlines, Le Soir, IKEA, Amnesty, Lima, Leffe, Axa, Volkswagen  & AUDI, DKV, Touring, Studio Brussels , Deutsche Bank,...in differents agencuies like LG&F, mortierBrigade, Air , DDB  and Ogilvy Social.Lab.

Antoinette is also passionate about design, she created her first table in 2010  and today she focuses on ecological design. She creates all kinds of unusual objects. If you are curious, go and have a look at her prototypes.

About BBDO

At BBDO, we create effectiveness by building bold brands and daring to challenge. We believe in Connected Creativity: creativity based on data and human insights, that drives behavioral and perception change. Ideas that help to achieve KPIs, ideas that stick with the right target group. Connected Creativity is a philosophy that maximizes the impact of creativity on business. This philosophy consists of three notions: Idea Driven, Journey Focused, and Experience Led.