You’re about to get hit with one of the oldest tricks in sales: take one, get two. Mixed & matched: Julie's experience in creative media strategy, earned & paid media, PR, influencer marketing and social media marketing together with Katrien's expertise on experiential marketing. 

Looking for the right advertising channel for your idea? Well.. you’ve got yourself your match-makers. We’re happy to work with you on following projects: Top Trumps, Walkers, GiffGaff, Netflix and Do the green thing 

About Julie

Hi, I'm Julie, happy to bite the bullet in our intro,

Started off my career 8 years ago with a strategy towards earned first. I learned everything I know at the Saturday Group in London, and UPR Agency in Antwerp working for brands such as Zalando, Tommy Hilfiger, WECANDANCE Festival,.. And many more.  

About 2 years ago, I got a spot at Integreate by DPG Media, where we inform, inspire and entertain 8 out of 10 Flemings everyday. My days are now filled with creative advertising on multiple channels such as TV, Radio and publishing. Next to that I'm freelancing for Manhattns, Martini & New Balance under my own brand Kill Your Darlings (copyright).

About Katrien

Hello, I’m Katrien, the second part of your package-deal.  

I’ve been working for 8 years in experiential marketing with Butik Agency where I translate client briefings into the right type of human interaction. Now that big brands are communicating more than ever on their purpose, I believe in story-doing as a part of story-telling.
And maybe your creative idea is also one that wants its feet on the street. If it includes any live experience from a pop-up store to a viral stunt I’d love to walk the talk together. can we help you?